Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Journey to Goa.....

Though it is not my first time to roam around alone, I was little bit nervous.

Entered Kempegowda Airport and looked at the crowd there early morning at 5. Collected my Boarding pass and went upstairs thinking “will I miss the flight? There are so many in the queue”.  I started counting the heads of people to guess my turn. Thank god I managed to reach departure gate. Already people were crowded to board.

I still remember a day when I was 4 years old, wondering “who will travel in flights? People who are rich? People who are in cities? Foreigners? So where do I stand in these types? No where……” But now the time has changed.

Ok, let me come to the main story that I am going to tell you. I reached Goa and the cab was ready and awaiting for my arrival. This was my first visit to Goa. Immediately getting on to the cab, I started calling my Dad, Mom, Sister, Mentor and friends to inform that I have landed safely. It took me nearly 30 mins. Still there is 1.30 hours to reach the Hotel (The Mandrem House).

People say to me that I even talk to rocks when I am bored. But I'll never be quiet. Today I felt that’s true. As soon as I finished my conversation, I was bored and neither wanted to call anyone else nor read a book. I started staring at the nature while travelling. Suddenly we passed upon a bridge. There I found colourful pillars and asked the driver what are those.

This is how I started the conversation with him. He asked me whether it was my first visit to Goa. I said yes. He started explaining to me about Goa.

The first thing comes to your mind when you hear Goa it’s…….. ALCOHOL…..

He gave a nice briefing about Goa. Alcohol is cheaper here. So people come here to Boooooze and roam around the beaches. Goa is also known for delicious sea food. We reached near Siolim- It is the native place of Remo Fernandes and there was school called St. Franchise, where Remo studied. Then we crossed a place where Europeans used to stay. It was a place which is almost like a village.

Then he started telling about the people there. People are generally good, but people come from various places and hence we have to be little careful while interacting with them. That is because of possibilities of miscommunication. Then he started telling about himself.

His story begins like this……. I am the guy who left the studies at 10th std. I started working as a mechanic from the age of 12. I never wished to study. As time passed I left the work as mechanic and joined a company which makes furniture and fabrics. Now all I wanted is to get good name and make some decent money by honest means. Wealth can be acquired by various methods but honesty is the top priority.  I worked very hard day and night. Again I felt like changing the job and I joined a gold making company called International Gold makers. Days were good. 6 years passed. Then one fine day company closed down.

My main goal is to earn money. I feel after some years or so we are nothing without money. This thought strike my mind every time when I feel like quitting. This made me to work harder. I have heard people saying if you want to make money GO TO DUBAI….

I made arrangements and flew to Dubai. I worked in a Five Star Hotel and earned some decent money in 3 years. Then decided to come back to India. 

There is small flashback in my story. When I was in India, at the age of 14, I had a crush on a girl. I had even proposed to her. Natural to that age,  got rejected mainly because I was not financially well to do.

End of flashback, I came back to India. I invested the hard earned money that I earned at Dubai, to setup a small fleet of taxis. Started living a good life and my financial status improved. Then I remembered my childhood crush. I found out that she was still single. I went to her house and made a formal proposal. VIOLA……..!!! I got accepted. Now she is my life partner. This is my story.

When his story concluded our journey to an end and we reached our destination.